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Webinar: How to Break Through the Noise This Holiday Season with Mobile Messaging

CB2 holiday text message
Aug 7, 2019
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Elodie Huston
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Watch our on-demand webinar recording featuring Attentive’s CEO, Brian Long, and guest speaker Phillip Cruickshank of CB2 to learn how to break through the holiday noise with mobile messaging.

During last year’s holiday season, consumers reached for their smartphones to shop online in record-breaking numbers. Shoppers spent over $50 billion on purchases on their mobile devices—representing 44% of e-commerce sales. Mobile holiday shopping is only expected to grow this year—and retail and e-commerce marketers need new strategies to engage on-the-go shoppers and drive conversions.

While your customers are relying more and more on their phones to make purchases, it’s becoming harder than ever to reach them. Opening your email inbox during the holiday season can be overwhelming—last year, email volume reached a record high of 122%. Overcrowded inboxes led to open rates falling approximately 17%, meaning your customers were missing out on your personalized messaging and holiday offers.

As email inboxes continue to be inundated with brand communication and digital advertising becomes even more competitive (and expensive) during the holidays, personalized text messaging presents an unsaturated, direct, and ROI-positive channel to reach consumers this season and beyond.

Access the on-demand webinar recording to hear from Brian Long, CEO & Co-Founder at Attentive, and Phillip Cruickshank, Brand Marketing Manager at CB2, as they explore the following topics:

  1. Holiday challenges retailers face when marketing to mobile shoppers and how to solve for them
  2. How marketers at innovative brands, like CB2, converted mobile shoppers in 2018 (and how they plan to beat that success in 2019)
  3. Practical tips on how to quickly launch a mobile messaging channel to maximize sales in Q4, driving 10x+ more revenue per message than email marketing
  4. Use cases for driving holiday sales with mobile messaging, including the most impactful times to send messages to subscribers and best-performing content

Ready to have your best holiday season ever?


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