Text messaging is consumers’ channel of choice. Just ask the 82% of people who engage with marketing content on their smartphones, according to Adobe survey data.

Text messaging has long been the most popular smartphone feature, and with global events transforming the way customers interact with their favorite brands, it’s no surprise this trend is expected to continue.

In fact, one of the leading U.S. wireless carriers recently reported that messaging has increased significantly, including a 26% rise in SMS during March 2020 alone. And, based on research from Attentive, 79% of consumers want to hear from brands via text messaging, including messages about transactional updates, sales, discounts, new product releases, and more.

It’s time to make sure you’re not only engaging your customers, but doing so on the channel where they’re spending most of their time.

Watch the webinar recording to hear how Diamond Art Club™—the leading manufacturer of premium diamond painting kits on the market—strategically leverages text messaging to grow revenue, with insights directly from the brand.

View the recording to discover:

  • The value of integrating text messaging and email throughout the customer journey
  • Best practices for growing subscriber lists
  • How Diamond Art Club™ identifies, sets, and evaluates goals for both channels
  • Actionable advice from strategists at Tinuiti and Attentive

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Learn how you can drive more digital revenue with personalized text messaging.

See Attentive in action