Each year as the holiday shopping season kicks off with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers enter into a purchase-making mindset. How can brands break through the noise to reach these ready-to-spend shoppers?
A look back at 2017

Last year during the five-day holiday weekend, from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday, more than 174 million adults in the U.S. shopped in stores and online. During this time period, the majority (52%) of traffic to retailers’ websites came from mobile devices. Consumers spent a staggering $35.9 billion via mobile—accounting for a record-setting 33.1% of all online holiday revenue

What to expect in 2018

As 2017 proved, mobile presents a huge opportunity to drive revenue during the holidays. The trend of more e-commerce shopping shifting to mobile is only predicted to grow this year. Retailers should consider this impact and adjust their mobile marketing strategies accordingly—not just for Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, but for the entire holiday shopping period.

Here are five tips for how retail and e-commerce marketers can use personalized mobile messaging to connect with shoppers this holiday season:

1. Limited-Time & Exclusive Offers

Limited-Time & Exclusive Offers

Marketers should use mobile messaging to encourage shoppers to take action this holiday season. The immediacy of text messaging makes it a perfect channel for marketers to use to spread the word about limited-time deals or remind busy shoppers about shipping deadlines. Treat your mobile subscribers like VIPs by sharing exclusive mobile-only offers or giving them first access to new products.

2. In-Store Invitations

Leverage the power of mobile marketing to drive in-store foot traffic. Send geo-targeted messages to mobile subscribers to increase attendance to local store events, or direct shoppers to nearby store locations where they can “try before they buy.” Remind your audience about the option to buy online and conveniently picking up their order at a local store location.

3. Abandoned Cart Reminders

Cart abandonment rates for online shopping hover around 70%. This is a huge challenge for brands, but it’s also a massive opportunity if a marketer can successfully convert some of those abandoned carts into sales. By using automated text messaging, marketers can send a well-timed reminder to shoppers, linking them directly back to their carts to complete a purchase.

4. Personalized Updates

Personalized Updates

Engage high-intent shoppers by sending them personalized recommendations. Send targeted messages to mobile subscribers based on browsing or buying behavior. Keep your customers informed with transactional updates on their orders, such as real-time shipping and delivery notifications.

5. “Always-On” Content

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday understandably capture most of the holiday marketing attention, it’s important to keep your audience engaged throughout the entire shopping season. For example, brands can send out wishlist ideas to help mobile subscribers find the perfect gift for everyone on their lists. Customer service inquiries pick up during the holidays, so be available to shoppers by responding to their questions via text messaging.

There isn’t a better way for retail marketers to reach consumers this holiday season than where they already are: their mobile devices.

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