Two-Way Journeys

Reach subscribers with personalized text messages across the customer lifecycle

Deliver relevant offers, content, and information to create seamless communication between your business and your audience

Drive large incremental revenue with a variety of message types

Deliver 2-6x more revenue than triggered emails

Automatically send messages to subscribers based on a certain action they’ve completed, like browsing a section of your site, abandoning a shopping cart, or completing a purchase.

Reach millions of subscribers in minutes to drive huge incremental revenue with the most robust message platform available

Deliver targeted messages to your list of subscribers to showcase your latest products & promotions, new content, and other timely updates about your business.

Learn more about popular message types from our Mobile Messaging Masters

Reach the right audience with our robust segment builder

Our team can help recommend the best performing segments for your audience—create custom audiences based on attributes like:
  • Browsing history & category
  • Purchase history
  • Location & time zone
  • Device type

97% of customers want to receive shipping updates via text messaging

Send transactional messages powered via the Attentive transactional API.

These can be delivered over the same phone number as your marketing messages—or delivered over a different phone number

Respond to customer service questions to drive more revenue

Attentive automatically answers the most frequent questions asked by subscribers to save your CX team time. We integrate with customer service platforms and Facebook Messenger triggered by a specified keyword.

Drive 31% more spend from subscribers who receive replies via text messaging vs. those who do not

Create a truly engaging text messaging experience by incorporating rich media into your messages

Bring all of your fantastic imagery to mobile messaging to create an emotional connection with subscribers. Rich media types include:
  • Videos: short and long form with audio
  • GIFs: with detailed animations
  • Images: sized perfectly for the device
  • Contact Cards: customers can save your brand name and logo to their address book in just two taps

Deliverability built for scale

Deliverability built for scale

Attentive works closely with our super carrier network to ensure that your messages reach your customer’s mobile devices in a timely manner:

- Analyze and alert on delivery issues by carrier in real time
- Deliver messages to hundreds of thousands of subscribers in minutes

Engage your audience with the most relevant content

Engage your audience with the most relevant content

Our tools ensure your subscribers receive useful messages like:

- Frequency capping messages per user
- Quiet Hours: suppress messages when consumers may be asleep
- Measure opt-outs and sentiment by message

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