Rapidly grow your email and text message subscriber lists together

Convert browsers into buyers at every touchpoint by collecting opt-in CRM data between the two most important channels—email and text messaging

Grow text messaging and email subscribers across every channel

Seamlessly grow subscribers on your mobile website using our patent-pending “two-tap” technology

When a visitor navigates to your mobile website, they’ll receive the option to subscribe to email and text messages via a seamless sign-up flow.

With one tap, a message will populate in their text messaging inbox. They simply press “Send” on the pre-populated text message to opt in and immediately begin receiving messages.

Turn desktop browsers into omnichannel buyers

On-site sign-up methods are designed, managed, and optimized by Attentive to match your business’s aesthetic.

Acquire subscribers during your e-commerce checkout flow

Add a checkbox to your checkout flow to capture subscribers while they’re completing a purchase.

Connect with your audience through paid and organic social media

Drive text messaging opt-ins from your loyal social media following.

Drive text messaging sign-ups from your existing email marketing list

Use email to drive text messaging sign-ups in just two taps!

Increase opt-ins by reaching your high-value, in-market audience offline

With Text-to-Join, your audience can opt in by texting a unique keyword to your business’s six-digit number (known as a shortcode). Advanced options include digital kiosks and point of sale integrations.

Focused on compliance

Focused on compliance

We built our tools with compliance top of mind.

We make extensive investments in legal and regulatory features and have earned the trust of leading global businesses through proven results

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