Los Angeles Apparel is a basics apparel manufacturer and online retailer that is passionate about bringing back comfort basics and clothing Made in the USA.  


Los Angeles Apparel was founded in 2016 and is deeply focused on using economic and environmentally sustainable practices to produce high-quality garments meant to last created by highly trained workers in South Central, Los Angeles.  The company is committed to creating skilled jobs, supporting domestic cotton farmers, being environmentally friendly, and pushing for living wages being adopted in the entire industry.


Los Angeles Apparel wanted to use its Instagram marketing strategy to tap into its highly engaged Instagram following to further grow its text messaging subscriber list.


Using highly targeted paid Instagram Stories ads—promoting a chance to win a $500 giveaway to those who subscribed to text messaging—Los Angeles Apparel reached a new segment of potential subscribers to drive them further down the marketing funnel. 


With Attentive’s exclusive Instagram Story list growth product, Los Angeles Apparel was able to hyper-target its core demographic and convert a new and unreached Instagram audience into brand loyalists with as little as $.20 a click. 

Instagram users simply swipe up on the Instagram Story, which opens up their phone’s native text messaging feature. There, they’ll see a pre-populated text message giving exclusive permission to Los Angeles Apparel to opt them into the text messaging program. The user simply hits “send,” and they are automatically opted in to Los Angeles Apparel’s text messaging program. 


Through their paid Instagram Story strategy powered by Attentive, Los Angeles Apparel was able to drive 41% CVRs—meaning 41% of people who swiped up on the Instagram Story signed up for text messaging. Plus, 70% of subscribers who opted in to the text messaging program via Instagram Stories swipe-up made a purchase within 72 hours—showing that this audience is highly engaged with the brand.

Attentive enabling us to tap directly into Instagram Stories and story ads to capture highly relevant leads has been a powerful growth opportunity. It's allowed us to seamlessly move an engaged audience from one mobile platform to another.

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