PAWZ, an online apparel brand for dog lovers, began with a deep-seated love for dogs and a desire to become the biggest partner for The Humane Society, the Best Friend’s organization, and all the no-kill animal organizations in the US. It was created to raise both awareness and money to help save dogs’ lives and find them loving homes.


PAWZ donates 10% of net profits to no-kill animal shelters to help dogs find loving homes and end the euthanasia of dogs worldwide.


PAWZ was looking for a better way to connect with shoppers and make learning about the brand and its mission easier and more convenient. They were not satisfied with their existing SMS provider’s limited capabilities.


Partner with Attentive to connect with shoppers (and dog lovers) in a more direct, engaging way—and quickly grow a list of text messaging subscribers. “Getting started with Attentive was simple and only took about a week,” said Julian Quintaes, CEO of PAWZ. “And we grew the channel quickly, getting about 1,500 new subscribers per day.” Use Attentive’s Journeys, a new way to build brand loyalty and drive revenue by sending personalized, in-the-moment text messages. 

We were already running text messaging campaigns, but we were looking for a better platform. I liked Attentive’s people, product, and capabilities—so it was a no brainer for us.

– Julian Quintaes, CEO, PAWZ


PAWZ drives email and text messaging opt-ins simultaneously on their desktop website using Attentive’s dual collection sign-up unit. They also drive opt-ins on their mobile website using Attentive’s patent-pending “two-tap” sign-up flow. After a subscriber joins, they receive an automated series of “welcome” messages introducing them to the PAWZ pack, including a coupon for 20% off.

PAWZ uses the text message marketing channel in many ways, such as letting shoppers know about limited-time deals, seasonal offers, and philanthropic initiatives. “One thing that’s very important to our customers is authenticity, so we’re always genuine with the message we’re conveying,” said Quintaes. 

As a mission-driven company, PAWZ sent a text to mobile subscribers asking them to get involved in saving the dogs in local shelters during these trying times. “Our mission lies in the core of our everyday operations, and it’s the ‘why’ in what we do,” said Quintaes. “Our customers are always requesting information from us on how we’re helping dogs or how much we have donated. So being authentic with them means a lot.” As of today, PAWZ has donated over $500,000 towards the protection, prevention, and care of sheltered animals, as well as raising awareness of euthanasia.

Pawz also uses Journeys from Attentive to send personalized triggered messages based on shopping and purchasing behavior. So far, they’ve implemented automated browse and cart abandonment reminders sent via text message to encourage their subscribers to complete their purchase, helping PAWZ recover otherwise lost sales. 

Journeys gives me the ability to stay engaged with consumers across the entire customer lifecycle. We use it to send browse & cart abandonment and post-purchase text messages. Our ROI has been incredible—we’ve been thrilled with the results.”

– Julian Quintaes, CEO of PAWZ.


So far, PAWZ’s text messaging program with Attentive has delivered an overall ROI of 64x. This value is spread across the entire customer journey: the welcome message delivers a 42% average click-through rate, and one-time marketing messages see an average conversion rate of 13.9%. Their automated messages have performed well above Pawz’s expectations—browse abandonment texts see a 58% average conversion rate, and cart abandonment reminder texts see a 75% average conversion rate.

To further scale their program, PAWZ plans to focus on segmenting their message sends, which will allow them to connect with their audience and personalize their messages even further. PAWZ also plans on A/B testing more of their messages to understand what content resonates most. “Being in front of the right customer with relevant content is very important; it allows us to drive more sales while also providing value to the subscriber,” Quintaes said.

The best customer service in a team that I have ever received is at Attentive. The team entire has lived up to the high bar they’ve set, and it’s always a pleasure working with them.

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