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Texts We Love: Labor Day Edition

texts we love labor day
Aug 23, 2021
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Caroline Cushner
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As summer winds down, one of the largest shopping weekends is just around the corner. Check out these SMS examples to inspire your brand’s Labor Day marketing plans.

Labor Day is just a few weeks away, marking the unofficial end to the summer—and a time to celebrate with some of our favorite traditions, like beach outings, barbecues, and bargains.

Consumers will be taking advantage of this long weekend to refresh their wardrobe, stock up on fall must-haves, and shop last-minute back-to-school deals. Following the trends of other major shopping holidays this year, Labor Day weekend deals will likely start earlier and last longer—so you should start planning and promoting your big sales weekend now.

Looking to stand out from the crowd and maximize your end-of-summer revenue? We’ve pulled together top-performing text messaging examples from Pura Vida Bracelets, True Religion, Thread Wallets, and Groove Life to inspire your Labor Day marketing.

Pura Vida Bracelets: Giving exclusive early access to VIPs

texts we love pura vida

Knowing that many Labor Day sales start before the holiday weekend, Pura Vida Bracelets sent this early access offer to subscribers in their VIP segment—reserving the exclusive deal for their most engaged customers. 

The sustainable jewelry brand emphasized the exclusive and personal nature of the VIP-only offer (“We want YOU”). This special treatment, limited-time nature of the offer, and instant access to their site-wide deals enticed Pura Vida’s loyal customers to shop the sale before everyone else.

True Religion: Using an omni-channel approach to drive traffic

texts we love true religion

Designer jeans and clothing brand True Religion drives online and in-store revenue around Labor Day with personalized text messaging. In their message, which was sent to their full list of SMS subscribers, the brand doubled down on the site-wide sale’s limited availability, creating a sense of urgency in both the text message copy and accompanying seasonal GIF (“time is running out”).

True Religion also sent a second text campaign to the subscriber segment who recently added an item to their cart. By pairing the cart abandonment message with their Labor Day sale campaign message, True Religion incentivized high-intent subscribers to shop without having to offer additional discounts. 

Thread Wallets: Driving online revenue with limited-time offers

texts we love thread wallets

Thread Wallets—a lifestyle and accessories brand—used a creative text campaign to stand out from other Labor Day weekend flash sales. Since SMS subscribers are highly engaged and often repeat customers, Thread Wallets’ limited-time discount drove immediate revenue from the channel’s mobile audience. 

The brand clearly communicated the sale’s details and limited-time nature. They included a direct link for customers to instantly shop their favorite styles and discover new products right from their phone. The simple but effective GIF was designed to capture subscribers’ attention, setting the message apart from the many sales happening around the holiday weekend.

Groove Life: Building customer relationships through timely updates

texts we love groove life

Last year, lifestyle brand Groove Life extended their Labor Day sale to capture last-minute seasonal revenue. This is an effective strategy this year, too, since Labor Day deals will likely last beyond the long weekend. The brand had already promoted the sale across their other marketing channels, so SMS was the perfect way to catch their customers’ attention. 

The simple message was infused with Groove Life’s friendly and casual brand voice. The reminder was a great way to connect with their most loyal–and high-intent–audience.

Labor Day is one of the last major sales events before Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so think about using your Labor Day marketing campaigns to kickstart your holiday strategies by building out your SMS plans, growing your subscriber list, and driving brand loyalty. Now is the time to experiment with new ways to engage your audience, and test what works for your brand.

Looking for more ways to prepare and plan for the holiday season? We just launched Attentive's SMS Holiday Village, an interactive destination with SMS tips and examples that your brand can use to achieve your specific holiday goals.

Browse our hundreds of text messaging campaigns sent by our customers in our SMS gallery, Texts We Love, and snag some SMS inspiration for Labor Day and beyond.

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