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Texts We Love: Amazon Prime Day Edition

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Jun 17, 2021
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Marissa Sanford
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Amazon Prime Day is quickly approaching on June 21-22. Explore SMS examples to inspire your brand’s marketing around the big summer shopping holiday. 

Last year, shoppers spent a record-breaking $10.4 billion during Amazon’s 48-hour sale—up 45.2% from $7.16 billion in 2019. This year, sales are expected to grow another $2 billion, approaching $12 billion worldwide.

With many consumers looking forward to this unofficial holiday—including those who’ll be looking for deals from other brands, too—now is a good time to drive traffic to your brand’s Amazon page (if you have one), send a discount to subscribers, offer free shipping, and more. 

We've pulled together inspiring real-life examples of ways brands have leveraged SMS to maximize Prime Day revenue. Keep reading to discover the successful SMS strategies that other brands implemented during Prime Day last year, and learn how you can maximize revenue for your brand this June.

Thread Wallets: Driving traffic to their Amazon page

thread wallets

Lifestyle and accessories brand Thread Wallets capitalized on consumer demand and excitement around Amazon Prime Day by texting subscribers about their special offers on the e-commerce giant’s site. They let them know that they would “save BIG” by purchasing Thread Wallets on Amazon (instead of driving traffic to their own website).

While this approach may seem counterintuitive at first—since you’re likely more focused on your own site traffic—it’s a smart strategy for brands who have a presence on Amazon. Shoppers will already be browsing Amazon, and are expecting the fast one- to two-day shipping experience they’ve come to love.

Moment: Giving subscribers an early “heads up” to shop 

moment text example

Photography gear and accessories brand Moment drummed up excitement around Prime Day by texting subscribers with an early “heads up” that their sale would start the next morning. They gave a sneak peek into some of their offers (“incredible deals on best-selling lenses” and “save up to 40%”) so shoppers could start thinking about their wish list. 

Similar to Thread Wallets’ approach, Moment also directed their SMS audience to complete their purchases on Amazon, creating a seamless, one-stop-shop experience for subscribers.

Function of Beauty: Offering 20% off entire orders

function of beauty text example

Personalized hair, body, and skincare brand Function of Beauty knew they would need to offer something special to their audience to stand out on Amazon Prime Day. They took a playful approach in their text message, giving a nod to the shopping event (“you deserve PRIME treatment”). 

To compete with Amazon’s offers during the annual Prime Day, Function of Beauty launched their own multi-day sale, lasting three days, where shoppers would receive 20% off their entire order. And, by promoting this sale via text messaging, Function of Beauty knew their shoppers would see this message almost immediately—driving more website traffic and revenue for the brand.

Looking for more inspiration for Prime Day and beyond? Explore our SMS gallery, Texts We Love, for hundreds of text messaging campaigns sent by our customers.

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