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Texts We Love: Halloween Edition

halloween text message examples
Oct 5, 2021
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Caroline Cushner
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This spooky season is expected to be bigger than ever. Explore these SMS examples to inspire your brand’s Halloween marketing strategy.

While many marketers already have their sights set on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, another holiday is just around the corner—and it’s expected to be the largest one yet. Halloween sales are expected to drive $10.1 billion—up 26% from last year.

As eager shoppers are already “trick or treating” themselves to new costumes and decorations, retailers are capturing the pent-up demand from last year by launching early Halloween promotions. This retail holiday isn’t limited to selling costumes or candy, though. Any brand can tap into beloved traditions and fun. 

Check out how Milani Cosmetics, Simply Carbon Fiber, Vintage Foundry Co, Sprayground, and Smart Pressed Juice use SMS as part of their Halloween strategies to engage with their subscribers and build brand loyalty.

Milani Cosmetics: Incentivizing purchases with free gifts and shipping

Makeup and beauty brand Milani Cosmetics created a series of touchpoints around Halloween to engage their SMS subscribers and drive seasonal revenue. The first campaign offered a free sticker set with any Halloween purchase. They highlighted the sticker set in a GIF, which features spooky graphics and images of the beauty influencers who collaborated on the Halloween items. This “free gift with purchase” strategy not only builds brand loyalty, but is also a great alternative if your brand doesn’t offer discounts.

Toward the end of the month, Milani texted subscribers a helpful shipping deadline reminder to drive last-minute orders, and offered free shipping with their relevant promo code (“SPOOKY”) to encourage last-minute shoppers to purchase.

Simply Carbon Fiber: Building customer relationships with a welcome text

welcome text example

Simply Carbon Fiber—a direct-to-consumer watch and accessory retailer—prevented their new customers from feeling ghosted last Halloween by setting up a custom automated welcome message. If a customer subscribed to the brand’s SMS program during the holiday sale, they were automatically greeted with this text. While the promo code (“HW25”) reflected their Halloween marketing, the general sitewide sale appealed to all new SMS subscribers. 

The brand ended their welcome text with a direct link, making it as easy as possible for their mobile audience to start shopping with just one click. By pairing the message with a seasonal sale, Simply Carbon Fire incentivized new subscribers to shop without having to offer additional discounts.

Vintage Foundry Co: Inspiring subscribers with product recommendations

product recommendation text example

Footwear brand Vintage Foundry Co promoted their Halloween sale by pairing costume inspiration with a product recommendation. The included GIF showcased different product styles next to a clip from the film The Joker. This side-by-side comparison demonstrated how to recreate the look, while capturing subscribers’ attention with a popular movie reference. 

The early Halloween campaign reminded subscribers that it’s time to start planning their costume—and showed them how easy it is to find the perfect discounted footwear to complete it. With consumers expected to spend $3.3 billion on costumes alone this year, creative campaigns like this are a great way to have fun with your mobile audience and tap into timely shopping trends.

Sprayground: Driving revenue from limited-edition products

limited edition products text example

Sprayground—a streetwear bags and accessories brand known for their unique backpacks—sent a creative text campaign to promote their seasonal “Boo Collection.” They paired the festive Halloween poem with an eye-catching GIF that showcased the collection in a spooky, animated scene. The brand included a direct link to instantly shop the scary styles. 

The exclusive nature of the limited-edition product drove immediate action from their highly engaged SMS subscribers.

Smart Pressed Juice: Engaging with subscribers post-Halloween

engaging post holiday text example

Smart Pressed Juice—an at-home health juice brand—anticipated their subscribers’ needs with a playful post-Halloween text message. They recognized that health products would be in high demand after a night of too much candy. To help subscribers easily find their “cure,” the brand recommended a detox drink, and linked directly to its product page. 

Their relevant image and messaging (“feeling like death?”) were both appropriately timed to boost post-holiday sales at a time when subscribers are on the lookout for a holiday cleanse.

Halloween falls right before the biggest time of the year for retail and e-commerce brands. And it’s the perfect time to experiment with new ways to engage your subscribers and see what resonates with your audience.

Looking for more ways to prepare and plan for the holiday season? Explore our interactive holiday guide, packed with SMS tips and examples that you can use to achieve your holiday goals. And find more inspiration for Halloween and beyond by browsing Texts We Love, our gallery of hundreds of real SMS marketing examples.

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