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How CB2 and Solstice Sunglasses Use Text Messaging to Convert Holiday Shoppers

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Nov 19, 2019
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Marissa Sanford
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The start of the holiday season is just around the corner. Learn how two forward-thinking brands, CB2 and Solstice Sunglasses, convert mobile holiday shoppers with personalized mobile messaging.

Retail and e-commerce marketers know that while the holiday season presents huge opportunities to drive both traffic and revenue, it doesn’t come without its challenges, especially when trying to capture the attention of shoppers.

While each holiday season experiences many of the same challenges—increased competition from other brands, overloaded email inboxes, and rising paid media costs—this year’s headlines all seem to point to one major challenge: six fewer shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas. However, that’s not to say this year’s shopping season will be weak—in fact, holiday spending predictions say quite the contrary.

Holiday season spending predictions

US retail spend this November and December is expected to grow by 4%, compared to 2% in 2018, and online sales will increase by 14.1%. Adobe is forecasting that, for the first time ever, every day in November and December will surpass $1 billion in online sales. And where are these shoppers completing their online purchases? 56% plan to use their smartphones, versus 28% who plan to use a desktop.

While many brands are still competing on the same traditional (and crowded) marketing channels during the holiday season—like email, social media, and paid media—there’s one effective channel that allows your brand to stand out and reach customers instantaneously where they’re already spending their time: text messaging. See how leading brands CB2 and Solstice Sunglasses use text messaging to convert holiday shoppers.

CB2: $1M in mobile messaging revenue during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

CB2, modern furniture and home decor brand, wanted an engaging and effective way to reach holiday shoppers and drive revenue. They partnered with Attentive to launch a personalized mobile messaging channel to reach shoppers during the holidays & beyond.

Last year, Starting on Wednesday, Nov. 21, through Monday, Nov. 26, CB2 sent four text messages to their subscribers. These messages garnered 11-20% conversion rates, driving a significant amount of mobile revenue for the brand. The most successful text message sent by CB2 that week was their Cyber Monday text (pictured to the right) which offered 15% off full-price items, plus free furniture delivery on orders over $1,199. This message drove 9.9% click-through rates and 20.2% conversion rates.

CB2 also sent other engaging, non-promotional holiday messages throughout lower traffic days in December, including an in-store event invite, winter clearance pre-sale, and free shipping alert before the holiday shipping deadline.

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, CB2 drove over $1 million in revenue using mobile messaging. Throughout the 2018 holiday season, from November 21 to December 26, CB2’s mobile messaging program drove 126x ROI.

Solstice Sunglasses: 20x+ ROI during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Solstice Sunglasses, a luxury sunglasses boutique, launched a new performance marketing channel—mobile messaging—right before Black Friday 2018. Starting on Thanksgiving, Nov. 22, through the following Thursday, Nov. 29, Solstice Sunglasses sent eight text messages to shoppers.

That week, 17% of consumers who received a message clicked on it to visit the link, and 5.8% of consumers who received a message went on to make a purchase. Text message marketing was the third-largest conversion channel for during that time period.

For Black Friday, Solstice Sunglasses sent a message that included an image and promotion code and offered a free gift with purchase. For Cyber Monday, they sent a similar message with a large image to grab attention, plus a 30% discount and a free gift. Those messages had a 20% click-through rate and an 8% conversion rate. Overall, the brand drove 20x+ ROI during the week of Black Friday-Cyber Monday.

As more shoppers rely on their mobile devices to make holiday purchases, marketers need an impactful strategy to reach customers and influence their shopping decisions. Our interactive holiday guide provides actionable strategies and examples of successful mobile messaging campaigns.


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