Have questions about personalized mobile messaging? We have answers! Here are some common responses that may be helpful.

How Attentive Works
How can a subscriber opt out?

Subscribers are reminded when they join that they can opt out at any time by replying "STOP." Additionally, we scan for words like “CANCEL", “UNSUBSCRIBE”, “END", "QUIT", or “OPTOUT" or variations of capitalization and opt users out when we receive such responses. Lastly, you can manually opt someone out through Attentive’s dashboard.

How long can a text message be?

While the maximum length of a text message is 500 characters, we recommend you keep messages under 160 characters—the standard text message segment length. Special characters like emojis can adjust the character-count length. When you compose a message, you'll see the character-count update.

Are there any restrictions around sending images and GIFs?

We recommend maximum file size for images and GIFs to be 500 KB, but carriers recommend staying under 200 KB where possible for faster delivery. Because mobile screens vary in size, we recommend sending square graphics or more vertical-oriented graphics to ensure consistent display.

Legal Compliance
How do you help me acquire new subcribers in a compliant manner?

All of our solutions are built with compliance in mind. All products are reviewed by legal counsel with a focus on messaging (TCPA and CTIA) and privacy compliance.

What are you doing to comply with the 2019 California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?

Attentive, in close collaboration and consultation with industry leading consumer privacy counsel, has become compliant with the CCPA guidelines as of the January 1st, 2020 deadline.

Getting Started
What types of incentives work best to drive text message sign-ups?

Almost all of our customers offer some sort of discount (either a percentage or dollar amount) to incentivize subscribers to sign up for texts. If your brand does not offer discounts, we recommend running a giveaway or offering to share “Secret Deals,” “Exclusive Offers,” or to "Be the First to Know."

How does Text-to-Join work for driving sign-ups offline?

In order to set up a Text-to-Join keyword (e.g. “Text ‘SMS’ to 12345!”), we need to know what keyword you'd like to use. The keyword is usually your company’s name or something specific to your brand. Once you have your keyword set up, you can roll it out across any of your offline channels (like in-store signage, included in product packaging, etc.). However, there is specific legal language that should accompany all Text-to-Join promotions that you run, which our team can provide you with.

How frequently should I send marketing text messages?

We recommend sending at least 8 marketing messages per month to your full subscriber base—the sweet spot between revenue-per-send and opt-out rates. Revenue per send peaks around 6 messages per month, while opt-out rates don’t increase until you exceed 10-15 messages per month.

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