Liverpool Los Angeles is a total wardrobe solution for fashion-conscious women and men who lead hectic, busy lives. The brand tests every product—ensuring it’s personally approved by their Design Director—before it leaves their studio. Their dedication to detail—and to creating relatable fashion that fits every body and makes customers feel confident every day—has earned them the loyalty of shoppers in search of perfect-fitting, easy-to-wear styles.


Liverpool Los Angeles wanted to provide their on-the-go customers with options for engaging with the brand on their mobile devices.

They partnered with Group 8A—a premier performance digital marketing agency and an Attentive Premier Agency Partner—to incorporate text messaging into their communication strategy.


Group 8A chose Attentive as a partner for Liverpool Los Angeles’ text message marketing program based on its track record of quickly growing subscriber lists and consistently delivering significant engagement and conversion lifts via SMS.

Attentive was the first partner we launched for our brand clients. The ease of use of the platform and the support of the Client Strategy team stood out to us as clear benefits.”

– Ari Simchi, Director of Strategy & Operations, Group 8A

Instead of trying to replace or compete with Liverpool Los Angeles’ email marketing program, Group 8A designed the brand’s text message marketing program to work in tandem with it.

Using Attentive’s “Email-First” sign-up solution, Liverpool Los Angeles is able to collect email addresses and phone numbers simultaneously and empower subscribers to choose how they want to receive recurring communications. And since the “Email-First” sign-up form collects 3x more email subscribers on average than other solutions, brands like Liverpool Los Angeles can strengthen both their email and text message marketing programs at the same time.

Our goal is to always communicate with customers in the way that suits them best and for many customers, text messaging is the preferred choice.”

– Ari Simchi, Director of Strategy & Operations, Group 8A


Liverpool Los Angeles engages subscribers with a pre-scheduled cadence of campaign messages—highlighting promotions, new products, and brand initiatives—that serve as easily digestible information capsules.

And with Journeys—Attentive’s tool for triggered messages—the brand automatically re-engages high-intent shoppers with cart abandonment reminders. By spotlighting items shoppers added to their online carts but didn’t purchase—complete with a picture of the product and a CTA linking them directly back to the checkout page—Liverpool Los Angeles can automatically turn browsers into buyers.

Attentive is an integral part of Liverpool Los Angeles’ omnichannel approach. It’s a top revenue generator—consistently in the top three—and continues to improve as the subscriber list grows.”

– Ari Simchi, Director of Strategy & Operations, Group 8A

Using Attentive’s Segment Builder, Liverpool Los Angeles is able to personalize text messages from content to cadence. In addition to segmenting subscribers based on purchase history, the brand changes up its messaging for different geographic locations. And with Attentive’s built-in A/B testing functionality, they can test each message to learn which types of copy, imagery, and CTAs lead to the highest engagement and conversion rates.

We’ve tested formal language vs. more casual language and learned that, for us, a more conversational approach leads to higher click rates.”

– Ari Simchi, Director of Strategy & Operations, Group 8A

Text messaging also gives the brand the opportunity to treat their subscribers like VIPs. Seeing that their text messaging subscribers tended to be among their most engaged customers, Liverpool Los Angeles decided to reward their audience with exclusive access to limited-time sales.

The brand scheduled a one-day flash sale that was only promoted to their text messaging subscriber list. After seeing great results, they decided to make it a regular part of their strategy. Now, approximately once a month, text messaging subscribers are treated to flash sales that range from website-wide to category-specific. With each promotion, Liverpool Los Angeles provides unique value to their brand’s biggest fans.


Throughout 2020, Attentive-powered text messages drove approximately 15% of Liverpool Los Angeles’ total revenue. That percentage shot up to more than 19% during busy shopping times, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We are always looking for ways to improve overall user experience, and offering the option of communication through SMS has really resonated with our audience.”

– David Kadosh, Chief Operating Officer, Liverpool Los Angeles

Between the brand’s campaign messages and subscriber-exclusive flash sales—as well as a 50.6% conversion rate on their 45-minute cart abandonment text message reminder—Liverpool Los Angeles achieved a 43x+ return on investment for their overall text message marketing program.

We are constantly recommending Attentive to clients that are looking for subscriber list growth and increased engagement rates. Optionality, especially when it’s on mobile devices, is the current and future state. Providing text messaging as an option is appealing to customers and effective for brands.

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