FinditParts is a digital marketplace for heavy-duty truck and trailer parts, acting as a one-stop-shop for both companies maintaining fleets of vehicles and individual owners. With more than nine million parts cataloged on its website—making it the largest single-source internet distributor of heavy-duty original equipment and aftermarket parts—the brand aims to be the go-to source for any parts its customers may need.


While FinditParts had a loyal base of repeat customers and a successful email marketing program, it wanted to expand its reach and engage consumers on other channels. After hearing about how SMS could complement its email program, the brand decided to explore text message marketing with the help of Alchemy Worx—a digital marketing agency specializing in email and an Attentive agency partner.

SMS has been profitable for a lot of our clients, so it made sense for FinditParts. It all goes back to figuring out what your customers prefer and identifying what types of campaigns will drive the most engagement and revenue on which channels, whether through email or SMS.

– Dan Weiss, Account Strategist, Alchemy Worx


Being new to text message marketing, FinditParts was on the hunt for a user-friendly platform. Attentive’s ease of use quickly set it apart from competitors, as did its dedicated client strategy team. In addition to white-glove management to help the brand refine its strategy, FinditParts could count on a full suite of instructional assets to learn best practices and design resources to help create and customize high-performing sign-up units.

The platform is really easy to use—it’s intuitive. From a user standpoint, it made my life a lot easier. And the team at Attentive partnered with us to quickly scale our program while navigating the legal and regulatory side of things. Attentive has provided us with excellent customer service.

– Ashley Thompson, Marketing Director, FinditParts


FinditParts’ website visitors are greeted by a sign-up unit announcing a discount for opting into its text messaging program. Using Attentive’s Email-First solution, the brand was able to grow its email and SMS subscriber lists simultaneously.

Focusing on triggered messages first, FinditParts automatically sends messages to subscribers based on certain actions they’ve taken, such as opting into its text messaging program, abandoning a cart, or completing a purchase. Next, the brand sends out a series of weekly campaign messages to targeted groups of subscribers. Using Attentive’s Segment Builder, FinditParts developed specific lists of recipients based on multiple user behaviors and properties—such as location, purchase history, and more—in order to tailor its marketing and improve engagement.

The incremental increase in revenue we’ve seen is the ultimate win, and it’s something we wouldn’t have found otherwise.

– Robert Varon, Head of Business Development, Alchemy Worx


Since launching its SMS marketing program with Attentive in October 2018, FinditParts has experienced significant subscriber growth. In the past year alone, its list of text messaging subscribers increased by more than 144%.

Year-over-year, the brand’s SMS marketing program is up approximately 36% in revenue generation, helping FinditParts achieve a 54x+ ROI. That’s driven in part by high average click-through and conversion rates across the brand’s triggered messages.

With an average CTR of 61.3% on its Welcome Messages and an average CVR of 32.95% on its 20-minute cart abandonment text message reminders, FinditParts is able to automatically drive revenue based on subscriber behaviors.

The size of our email list is significantly higher than our SMS list, but per message, SMS is much higher in terms of ROI.

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