How PAWZ Uses Attentive’s Journeys to Send Triggered Messages to Subscribers, Contributing to $4.6M in SMS Revenue

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Learn how PAWZ used text message marketing to connect with shoppers (and dog lovers) in a more direct, engaging way.


PAWZ began with a deep-seated love for dogs and a desire to become the biggest partner for The Humane Society, the Best Friend’s organization, and all the no-kill animal organizations in the US. The online apparel brand for dog lovers donates 10% of net profits to no-kill animal shelters to help dogs find loving homes and end the euthanasia of dogs worldwide. The brand has donated over $600,000 towards the protection, prevention, and care of sheltered animals, as well as raising awareness of euthanasia.


PAWZ was looking for an automated way to connect with shoppers across the entire customer lifecycle by sending them relevant, in-the-moment text messages when they were most engaged and likely to make a purchase.


PAWZ partnered with Attentive to connect with shoppers (and dog lovers) in a more direct, engaging way—and quickly grow a list of text messaging subscribers. “Getting started with Attentive was simple and only took about a week,” said Julian Quintães, CEO of PAWZ. “And we grew the channel quickly, getting about 1,500 new subscribers per day.”

Using Attentive’s Journeys, PAWZ drives revenue by automatically sending personalized text messages—from a creative welcome series to browse and cart abandonment reminders.

Journeys gives me the ability to stay engaged with consumers across the entire customer lifecycle. We use it to welcome our new subscribers with a coupon code and engaging content about our brand and mission. We also use Journeys to send browse and cart abandonment reminders to subscribers who have shown high intent to purchase from PAWZ and support our quest of saving the dogs in animal shelters. Our ROI has been incredible—we’ve been thrilled with the results and the impact we had on so many lives.”

– Julian Quintães, CEO of PAWZ


Using Journeys—Attentive’s tool for sending triggered messages—PAWZ set up three types of automated text messages that send to subscribers based on behavioral data: welcome series, browse abandonment reminders, and cart abandonment reminders.

Welcome series: PAWZ drives SMS opt-ins on their mobile website using Attentive’s patent-pending “two-tap” sign-up flow. They also drive email and text messaging opt-ins simultaneously on their desktop website using Attentive’s “Email First” sign-up unit. After a subscriber joins, they receive an automated series of “welcome” messages introducing them to the PAWZ pack, including a coupon for 20% off. If a subscriber has not made a purchase within 24 hours of receiving the first welcome message, PAWZ automatically sends them a reminder to use their 20% off coupon.

PAWZ then waits seven days—no matter if the subscriber has made a purchase or not—and sends a text message with three reasons to love dogs. They end the message with a call to action to “Support the dogs,” with a direct link back to their website to shop.

PAWZ waits 21 days after this text is sent before sending the final message in their welcome series, which directs them to share their favorite dog picture on Instagram (and tag PAWZ) for a chance to be featured on PAWZ’s Instagram. “With Attentive’s support, I’ve been able to automate a series of texts that introduce the subscriber to our brand while also driving conversions,” said Quintães. “We’re not always messaging about discounts or coupons. We want to connect on a brand mission level, too. It’s a great opportunity for cause-based brands to communicate their mission.”

Our mission lies in the core of our everyday operations, and it’s the ‘why’ in what we do. Our customers are always requesting information from us on how we’re helping dogs or how much we have donated. So being authentic with subscribers is very important for our brand.”

– Julian Quintães, CEO of PAWZ

Browse and cart abandonment reminders: To encourage high-intent shoppers to complete their purchases, PAWZ implemented browse and cart abandonment text message reminders. Browse abandonment reminders are sent to SMS subscribers two hours after they’ve browsed PAWZ’s website but did not make a purchase. The text message includes a direct link back to so subscribers can easily add the products they’re interested in to their cart.

Cart abandonment reminders are sent to subscribers 30 minutes after they’ve abandoned their online shopping cart. This text message includes a direct link back to the abandoned cart, making it as easy as possible for the subscriber to complete their purchase. Both browse and cart abandonment reminder messages are automatically sent, requiring no extra work beyond initial setup.

For cause-based brands like PAWZ, it’s extremely important to be authentic, while also showing how we’re making an impact. Text messaging is such an easy channel to do that on because it’s so personal. One of the great things about SMS and Attentive’s platform is getting feedback from our subscribers’ responses to learn how they’re perceiving our messages and make the necessary adjustments to our future communications.”

– Julian Quintães, CEO of PAWZ


Since launching their text messaging program with Attentive, PAWZ has:

  • Delivered an ROI of 34.1x
  • Grown its list of text messaging subscribers by 171.6%+
  • Driven over $4.6 million in revenue from SMS alone

Since implementing triggered messages with Attentive’s Journeys, PAWZ has:

  • Unlocked a 47.1% CTR and 135x+ ROI on their first welcome message
  • Driven an average 36.7% CVR and 20x+ ROI on their browse abandonment reminders  
  • Generated an average 67.4% CVR and a 57x+ ROI on their cart abandonment reminders

“Being in front of the right customer with relevant content allows us to drive more sales while also providing value to the subscriber,” Quintães said.

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