How Groove Life Used Conversational Texts to Gamify Subscriber Engagement

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Learn how Groove Life launched a conversational text messaging campaign using Attentive's Two-Way Journeys™ to re-engage subscribers during the holidays.


Groove Life is the first active ring to engineer breathable "grooves" that allow your finger to breathe. Combine this with their comfort fit band, low profile, and lifetime warranty, and it's a no brainer. They serve people through their gear and inspire action through their adventures.


Throughout 2021, Groove Life has focused on elevating their brand through their premium product. They wanted to run more impactful promotions and find unique ways to engage with new and existing customers. Over the last year, the brand has been focused on building deeper relationships with their audience via mobile, and SMS has been a core pillar of their digital strategy.

For St. Patrick’s Day, Groove Life needed a way to interact with their text messaging subscribers, but they didn’t want to send a regular offer or one-time campaign message. The brand wanted to engage with existing subscribers through two-way conversational text messages and create a unique opportunity for new customers to subscribe to their SMS channel. 


Groove Life used Attentive’s Two-Way Journeys™ to launch a fun and engaging keyword-driven scavenger hunt for St. Patrick’s Day that engaged new subscribers and re-engaged existing subscribers. These messages helped subscribers learn about the brand and products while rewarding them with a unique offer at the end of the scavenger hunt. “We wanted to provide a multi-step opportunity for subscribers to receive text messages from our brand, engage with our website, and get a really great offer at the end—the type of offer we only send during big sales periods, like Black Friday,” said Bryant Garvin, CMO at Groove Life.

SMS has been at the core of our digital strategy that we’ve continued to build on over the last year. We know that a mobile device that’s in people’s pockets is about as close as you can get to a really personal connection with our audience.

- Bryant Garvin, CMO at Groove Life


Groove Life saw a major opportunity to drive new SMS subscribers by launching custom sign-up units promoting their St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt. 

Instead of incentivizing potential SMS subscribers with a discount, Groove Life encouraged them to “Join the Hunt” by signing up for text messages. During a two-day period, Groove Life drove over 6,000 new SMS subscribers.

New and existing subscribers received their first text message with a clue and link to Groove Life’s website to find the first “magic word.” Because this campaign was meant to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with subscribers in a fun and engaging way, Groove Life used playful copy in each message to align with the holiday. “We really wanted to launch something fun that also felt more interactive, while helping us build that relationship with our subscribers,” said Garvin.

After finding the “magic word” on the brand’s site, subscribers would reply to the text message with the correct keyword. Then, they received their next clue via text and a link to Groove Life’s website to find the next word. Each keyword of the scavenger hunt was closely aligned to Groove Life’s brand. “Adventure” is at the core of their brand and product, and “Alaska” is where the brand was originally founded.

The brand repeated this process four times. After subscribers replied with the fourth correct keyword, they received a final text message letting them know they completed the scavenger hunt (“You’ve done it!”), and included an exclusive dynamic coupon code. 

“We helped Groove Life set up auto-response journeys for certain keywords. By prompting subscribers to reply with those keywords, we were able to create an incredibly tailored experience based on the brand’s goal,” added Elizabeth Braha, Client Strategy Manager at Attentive.

While watching the scavenger hunt experience in real time, Groove Life noticed there were some common incorrect keyword submission patterns. They quickly created an auto-response for the common incorrect guesses.

Those nudges helped drive subscribers back to the product pages to look for the correct clues. The auto-responses for incorrect keywords received click-through rates from 74.5%-115.2%, showing that subscribers were committed to finding the correct clue so they could continue the scavenger hunt. 

Because this was a creative new approach to engaging with SMS subscribers, Groove Life also simulated an NPS experience for a subset of the subscribers who participated. This allowed the brand to understand how the campaign resonated with subscribers.

Using A/B testing within Attentive’s UI, the journey ended for 90% of subscribers who reached the end of the scavenger hunt. The other 10% received a text message asking them to rate their experience from 1-5 (five being the best) by replying with the corresponding number (e.g. “5”). Over 30% of subscribers who received the NPS message replied with their rating. Groove Life also set up auto-responses for each NPS rating to thank subscribers for their feedback and participation.

The NPS text message showed Groove Life that their subscribers are happy to provide feedback and gave them an easy way to do so. It also showed the brand that exploring similar future two-way conversation initiatives is worthwhile.

This gamified SMS campaign allowed Groove Life to engage new and existing subscribers right away. Because SMS is an immediate and intimate channel, this type of experience could not be supported in the same way in another channel, such as email. Special SMS initiatives like this go a long way in re-enforcing the value of a subscriber staying opted into your SMS program.

- Elizabeth Braha, Client Strategy Manager at Attentive


Of the subscribers who participated in the scavenger hunt, over 50% made it to the end. The final text messages that included their “pot o’ gold” offer drove an 80.4% CTR and 30.8% CVR. 

It was one of the highest sales days we’ve had this year. From a return on investment perspective, the message we sent to current subscribers saw a 5x ROI. Overall, this campaign drove a 15x ROI. We had no idea what would happen, but this campaign achieved our goal and drove really great results. It definitely has us thinking about other ways we can use conversational campaigns in the future.

- Bryant Garvin, CMO at Groove Life

The majority of those who completed the scavenger hunt and received the NPS text message enjoyed the experience: 73% rated it a 4 or 5. 

“Not only was this a really engaging campaign, but it was also a fun experience for the subscribers who participated,” said Garvin. “This scavenger hunt showed us that gamification works. It helped us engage new subscribers who opted in to join the hunt, and it gave current subscribers the opportunity to re-engage with our brand in a really fun way. This campaign reinforced the value of SMS as a marketing channel.”

Groove Life is already planning for another conversational campaign—similar to their St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt—in July. “I’m really excited to see how we can take our learnings from this campaign and make it even more impactful next time,” said Garvin.

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