How Betabrand Automatically Drives Revenue—Resulting in 390x+ ROI—With Triggered Text Messages

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average ROI of triggered messages


average click-through rate on triggered messages


subscriber growth in the first half of 2020

Learn how Betabrand uses triggered text messages—highly tailored to each subscriber by behaviors such as signing up for the text messaging program or abandoning a cart—to guide each shopper through the customer lifecycle.


Betabrand is a crowdsourced apparel platform whose customers shape the brand’s signature designs. The brand’s community of over two million women vote on their favorite styles, colors, and patterns. Most famous for its Dress Pant Yoga Pants—yoga pants that can be worn to any occasion or event—Betabrand launches new designs every week.


Betabrand was looking for new ways to engage its customers with relevant content and drive more revenue through an automated process triggered by customer behaviors. The brand also wanted to launch a new direct communications channel to interact with customers who may not be as engaged with emails.


Partner with Attentive to communicate directly with Betabrand customers using personalized text messaging. Create a new, top-performing revenue channel to automatically send engaging, personalized text messages throughout the customer lifecycle triggered by subscriber behaviors.

Since we launched with Attentive, we’ve seen much higher engagement on our SMS channel compared to email. On average, the click-through rate of our automated text messages is about 38-40% higher than what we’re seeing on email.”

– Kirsten Mauro, Senior Manager of Retention Marketing, Betabrand


Betabrand deploys triggered, personalized text messaging powered by Attentive to engage 1:1 with its loyal audience. Using Attentive’s Journeys builder, Betabrand sends triggered text messages—highly tailored to each subscriber by behaviors such as signing up for the text messaging program or abandoning a cart—that guide each shopper through the customer lifecycle. The brand automatically sends text messages—including helpful browse and cart abandonment reminders and a thoughtful post-purchase series—to drive incremental revenue, build excitement and engagement, and encourage repeat purchases.

Building on learnings from its intent-based automated email series, Betabrand initially launched an automated browse abandonment message dynamically personalized to each subscriber. Soon after, the brand created a cart abandonment reminder to engage high-intent shoppers and recover otherwise lost revenue. “One reason why I really like Attentive’s Journeys builder is that you can dynamically pull in the product name and URL,” explained Mauro. “Dynamic content resonates with our customers far better, and leads to significantly higher click-through and conversion rates.”

To increase brand loyalty and drive repeat purchases, Betabrand built a robust post-purchase series. Betabrand begins engaging customers immediately after they make their first purchase. One day after a customer makes a purchase, Betabrand automatically sends a text message highlighting customer testimonials to build excitement while the customer waits for their order to arrive. “Each of our products are influenced and loved by over two million shoppers,” said Mauro. “We love getting them really excited by sending triggered text messages highlighting our platform.” This initial post-purchase message helps the brand keep customers engaged with its passionate community-based platform.

Betabrand also uses its post-purchase triggered message series to build brand awareness. “One of our goals is to educate subscribers on who we are,” explained Mauro. “As a crowdsourcing platform, we actively seek out feedback from our customers.” Once a customer’s order has arrived, they receive a triggered message inviting them to vote for their new favorite designs. For example, through this customer feedback, Betabrand developed a new style of its signature Dress Pants Yoga Pants that included pockets.

Text messaging is a great opportunity to have a one-to-one conversation with your new customer about who you are as a brand.”

– Kirsten Mauro, Senior Manager of Retention Marketing, Betabrand


Betabrand’s triggered text messages powered by Attentive have delivered an average ROI of 390x+. And, when combining the performance, the brand’s triggered messages see an average click-through rate of 30.7%.

Betabrand is excited to continue to grow and optimize its text messaging program with Attentive. In the first half of 2020, Betabrand has grown its text messaging subscriber list by over 54%. “Our text messaging channel is a great compliment to our email channel,” explained Mauro. “We give our customers the choice of communicating with us via email and SMS—wherever they’re most comfortable–and mirror our messaging to guarantee everyone is kept in-the-know.”

The brand also continually optimizes its triggered messages through A/B testing. To further increase channel performance, Betabrand frequently tests message length, cadence, urgency, and calls to action (CTAs).

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