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Research: Insights Into How Retail & E-Commerce Marketers are Approaching the 2020 Holiday Season

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Oct 5, 2020
Written by
Elodie Huston
Elodie is a Senior Content Marketing Strategist on the Content Team. She spends her logged off hours cycling, scouting out soft serve, and yelling about really good books.

Attentive surveyed over 300 leading retail and e-commerce brands to learn how they’re approaching the 2020 holiday shopping season. Read on for insights—plus actionable strategies—to help you plan for the upcoming holiday season.

This year, the holiday shopping season will take on a new form: consumers have shifted their shopping behaviors to shop primarily online, and they’re expected to begin shopping earlier than ever this year—some as early as October.

While rapidly shifting consumer behavior and the acceleration of e-commerce sales have raised unique challenges, they’ve also presented new opportunities for brands to try new technologies and reach their audiences in engaging ways.

To help marketers plan for the holiday season ahead, we surveyed more than 300 leading retail and e-commerce brands to understand when they plan to start holiday sales and promotions (and if they’re changing their strategies this year); how they’re approaching digital channels (including personalized text messaging); and much more.

Attentive’s 2020 Retail & E-Commerce Holiday Marketing Report reveals insights into how brands are approaching the upcoming holiday season given the state of COVID-19 and its lasting impact—plus, provides key strategies for how to use text messaging to engage consumers and drive revenue.

For example, our report found that 83% of retailers expect to drive more online revenue this holiday season as compared to last year’s. And, while 56% of retailers plan to start their holiday promotions several weeks earlier than usual, they still plan to offer their largest discounts during the week of Thanksgiving.

Explore Attentive’s 2020 Retail & E-Commerce Holiday Marketing Report to learn:

  • When brands plan to begin their holiday season promotions
  • Which digital channels will play a key role in driving holiday revenue
  • How to handle operations, from brick-and-mortar to inventory considerations
  • Key holiday text messaging tactics for the holiday season

Explore the complete findings to ensure you’re prepared for a holiday season unlike any other.

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