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Messages We Love: How Dermalogica Reached On-the-Go Shoppers During the Memorial Day Weekend

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May 29, 2019
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Marissa Sanford
Marissa is a Senior Manager on the Content Marketing team. She spends her logged off hours walking her two dogs, doing DIY manicures, and drinking way more coffee than necessary.

See how skincare brand Dermalogica used mobile messaging during Memorial Day weekend to engage with mobile shoppers.

Memorial Day, a holiday to remember and honor military personnel who have served in the United States Armed Forces, also marks the unofficial start of summer. Many Americans celebrate the 3-day weekend by traveling, barbequing, and of course, taking advantage of retail sales and promotions.

AdWeek estimates that 8 in 10 US adults spend an average of $486 over the weekend. Since shoppers aren’t likely to spend their first weekend of summer sitting in front of a computer screen, mobile messaging offers retailers a huge opportunity to reach on-the-go consumers with relevant offers and updates.

Here’s one of our favorite examples of a text message marketing campaign sent by a retailer during the holiday weekend:


What they did

How Dermalogica Reached On-the-Go Shoppers During the Memorial Day Weekend

Skincare brand, Dermalogica, sent a text message to mobile subscribers offering a free gift (three travel size products) with any purchase of $100+. They included an eye-catching animated gif of travel size products and a message that embodied the feel of this 3-day weekend, which is popular for travel. They ended with a clear call-to-action, “Shop now,” along with a link back to their site so shoppers could easily complete their purchase.

Why we love it

The immediacy of text messaging is the perfect way to reach on-the-go Memorial Day weekend shoppers without getting lost in the clutter of an email inbox. The custom animated gif captures shoppers’ attention and clearly communicates the promotion before subscribers read the text message below. Lastly, offering the chance to “pick their favs” with a $100 spend adds a more personalized touch for shoppers to make their travel size gifts unique to their preferences

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