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5 Examples of Non-Promotional Text Messages That Engage Subscribers

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Not every marketing message is about a promotion—there are many other ways to engage your subscribers and drive revenue. Below are five non-promotional text messaging examples to try out.

As consumers, when we think of the most common types of marketing messages we receive from companies that we’re subscribed to, we likely think of limited-time discounts, sales, and other money-saving offers. But for companies who don’t typically discount or who may not be currently offering a promotion, there are still endless other text messaging use cases that engage subscribers, build brand loyalty, and drive revenue.

Here are five ways businesses can reach their mobile subscribers and drive revenue with non-promotional text messages:

1. Complimentary Shipping

While many text messaging sign-up creatives include a “percentage-off” discount to incentivize opt-ins, a good alternative is to offer complimentary shipping. 9 out of 10 consumers say free shipping is the top incentive to shop online more, and orders with free shipping average around 30% higher in value.

Attentive’s “Email-First” sign-up solution first collects a consumer’s email and then prompts them to complete their sign-up by also opting in to text messaging.

This offers an innovative approach for businesses to rapidly grow both email and text messaging lists while providing value—free shipping—in return.

2. Abandoned cart reminders

Use behavioral subscriber data to send triggered text messages to subscribers, like an abandoned cart reminder. This type of text message enables you to drive revenue by sending highly-relevant, personalized content. The best part?  Once these messages are set up, they will send automatically—meaning no extra work for you.

To effectively use abandoned cart reminders, send mobile subscribers a text message 20 minutes after they abandon their online shopping cart. Then, send an additional reminder one day later if they haven’t yet completed their purchase.

Your message should remind shoppers their items are waiting and include a direct link back to their cart so they can easily complete their purchase. Reminding shoppers about the items they’ve left behind before they sell out is a great tactic to encourage them to click-through and complete the checkout process.

3. Product drops or launches

Text messaging is an engaging and instantaneous way to reach customers, especially when announcing new or limited-edition product launches. This type of exclusive content engages subscribers and drives action, resulting in increased conversions and revenue.

No matter your brand or the product you’re launching, sending mobile subscribers a text message revealing a new or limited-edition product is a highly effective way to provoke excitement about your company or product. Be sure to include an image that offers subscribers a sneak peek into what you’re launching. By giving text messaging subscribers the first look at a new product, you’re creating a sense of exclusivity while driving immediate action.

4. Geo-targeted offer

Using geographic data when sending text messages is the perfect way to share new offers or services available in subscribers’ local areas, creating a more relevant, personalized experience.

There are many different types of messages you can send using geo-targeting. For example, food and beverage brands can alert nearby subscribers when free delivery is available. Another effective use of geographic data is Attentive’s time zone-based message sending feature. This allows you to deliver your scheduled messages to subscribers based on their local time zone.

5. Tips & tricks

Brand marketing—like product recommendations or tips & tricks—is a great way to share content with your text messaging subscribers that directly relates your company or to a specific product.

For example, if you’re an apparel brand, send text messaging subscribers styling tips for a piece of clothing you carry. Use an image of the clothing to promote the products.

If you’re a beauty brand, include tips for how to use a product, or send personalized recommendations on a product the subscriber may enjoy based on past purchase history. These types of messages are great for year-round content that relates to your brand while indirectly influencing purchases.

Personalized text messaging offers businesses a real-time, two-way communications channel to engage subscribers by sending helpful messages they want to receive. These examples of non-promotional text messages showcase how your company can deliver unique mobile messaging experiences that drive action—and, ultimately, revenue.

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