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3 Triggered Text Messages That Drive More Revenue

DIFF text message example
Mar 16, 2020
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Elodie Huston
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Learn what types of triggered text messages brands & organizations are sending to engage their mobile audience at scale throughout the customer lifecycle to drive revenue.

Consumers rely on their smartphones more than ever, spending—on average—three hours and 43 minutes on their mobile devices each day. They turn to their phones throughout the day for everything from searching for directions, to looking up products, and talking to friends.

Knowing your company’s audience is always on their phones, how can you ensure they’re receiving—and engaging with—highly relevant messages?

Personalized text messaging offers businesses a real-time, two-way communications channel to send subscribers helpful messages they want to receive. One type of text messages is especially powerful for engaging subscribers at scale: triggered messages.

This type of text message enables you to automatically drive revenue based on real-time behavioral data from your subscribers, like signing up for your text messaging program, abandoning their online shopping cart, or making their first purchase. Once these messages are set up, they will send automatically—meaning no extra work for you.

Here are three exceptional, real-life examples of triggered text messages:

1. Welcome Message

The welcome message—which is automatically sent after a subscriber opts in to your text messaging program—is the first interaction new subscribers will have with your company. Welcome them with a friendly hello, and share helpful information about your channel in your own brand voice to establish a relationship.

If your company offers discounts, consider using your welcome message to reward these high-intent shoppers with a mobile-exclusive offer. Because a new subscriber is highly engaged at this point in the customer lifecycle, they’re very likely to convert—driving more revenue for your brand.

DIFF Eyewear, a socially conscious eyeglasses & sunglasses retailer, includes a limited-time offer in their welcome message. New subscribers have 24 hours to redeem their offer and get $25 off their first pair of DIFF sunglasses. The time-sensitive nature of the message creates a sense of urgency, encouraging shoppers to take advantage of the exclusive offer.

Want to learn more about how DIFF Eyewear grows an engaged audience of mobile subscribers to drive immediate action?


2. Abandoned Cart Reminder

75% of online shopping carts are abandoned by shoppers prior to purchasing. Remind subscribers of items they’ve left in their digital shopping cart by sending a triggered abandoned cart text message.  This type of automated reminder helps recover otherwise lost revenue that impacts your bottom line.

Include the name of your product, or an eye-catching image of the item that’s waiting for the subscriber in their abandoned shopping cart. End with a link that goes directly back to their cart so they can easily complete their purchase.

Modern home decor brand CB2 sends triggered abandoned cart reminders to text messaging subscribers. The triggered message is written in the brand’s signature voice and includes the name of an item waiting in the subscribers online cart. CB2 ends the message by inviting the subscriber to envision the item in their home.

For more examples, check out how fashion retailer Rainbow Shops uses text messaging to recover abandoned online shopping carts and drive revenue.


3. Post-Purchase Message

A subscriber is most engaged with your business immediately following a purchase. Send subscribers a post-purchase message to keep them interested in your brand and ensure you stay top-of-mind even after they complete their purchase.

Build excitement around a purchase by sharing helpful transactional updates, like real-time shipping and delivery notifications. Once a subscriber has received their purchase, ask for a review or invite them to share their purchase on social media. Finally, since returning shoppers are highly valuable—generating 22%-25% more revenue per online visit—send a triggered post-purchase product recommendation, or offer an incentive for their next purchase to drive even more revenue.

Lingerie retailer LIVELY sends a triggered text message 30 days after a subscriber makes a purchase, inviting them to join their customer loyalty rewards program. The brand includes a direct link to the “Perks” page so the subscriber can immediately learn more and sign up for the program.

Want to learn other ways LIVELY uses text messaging to engage shoppers throughout the customer lifecycle?


Setting up triggered text messages is an easy way to deliver highly-personalized, relevant content to subscribers at scale.. Since you only have to set them up once, these messages will automatically drive more revenue for your brand (without any extra work from you!).

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