Rob Russo, Performance Marketing Manager at Tea Collection, discusses why the brand launched a text messaging channel powered by Attentive to connect with shoppers & make learning about the brand easier and more convenient.

Tea CollectionTea Collection uses Attentive’s “Email-First” sign-up solution, a globally-inspired children’s apparel brand, was looking for a new way to connect with shoppers. The brand partnered with Attentive to create a new ROI-positive channel that would allow them to engage shoppers in a much more direct way.

“With email, you never really know if you’re going to reach that person; the average consumer probably has 3-4 email addresses,” said Russo. “But we know text message marketing is very effective—it has high open rates and conversion rates. It was a no-brainer to add this channel to the rest of our marketing initiatives.”

Tea Collection drives email and text messaging opt-ins simultaneously on their mobile website using Attentive’s “Email-First” sign-up solution. After a subscriber joins, they receive an automated series of “welcome” messages introducing them to Tea Collection, including a coupon for 15% off. This series of messages delivers a 29% average conversion rate.

“The conversion rates have been fantastic. Our team is very pleased and recognizes how powerful text message marketing powered by Attentive is,” said Russo.

Tea Collection’s performance with Attentive:

  • 43x ROI on text messaging channel
  • 29% average conversion rate on welcome offer
  • 10% average conversion rate on marketing messages

Tea Collection uses the text message marketing channel in a variety of ways, such as alerting subscribers of new arrivals, limited-time sales, twice-yearly “Friends & Family” sales, and seasonal promotions.

Tea Collection uses twice-yearly “Friends & Family” salesAs a philanthropic brand that gives back to charity, Tea Collection sent a text to mobile subscribers on Giving Tuesday—a movement that takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to promote charitable giving—announcing the brand would donate an outfit to a child in need for each purchase made that day.

“It’s all part of the larger theme our founder has established: greater global consciousness,” said Russo. “We want to be active in the world and do our part to give back.” Tea Collection was able to donate over 1,500 outfits.

Due to the personal and instantaneous nature of text messaging, Tea Collection’s subscribers are incredibly engaged.

The brand’s text messaging channel has delivered an overall ROI of 43x. “The ROI we see from Attentive is one of the highest out of all the platforms we use,” said Russo.

As for future plans to scale their program, Tea Collection intends on sending more segmented messages and implementing an abandoned cart reminder which will allow them to recover sales that might otherwise be lost. Tea Collection also plans on conducting more A/B testing on their messages to understand which content resonates most with their audience.

The service we get from Attentive is incredible. They’ve helped us every step of the way by providing strategic guidelines. We’ve learned a lot and have been able to optimize our channel to further improve performance. We never would have had the success we’ve had with text messaging if we weren’t working with Attentive. We’re very happy.

Rob Russo Performance Marketing Manager, Tea Collection

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