Download our interactive holiday guide to discover how innovative retailers are driving incremental revenue this holiday season and beyond.

The 2018 holiday season saw multiple days with record-breaking e-commerce sales, increasing 17.4% overall from the previous year. A growing number of these sales were made on mobile devices: 44% of e-commerce spending came from mobile devices, representing over $50 billion in sales.

This year, mobile shopping is only expected to grow, so retail and e-commerce marketers need a powerful strategy to engage mobile shoppers and drive conversions. Our interactive guide provides you with actionable tips and real-life examples of personalized mobile messaging used by forward-thinking brands to reach consumers, drive revenue, and increase conversions this holiday season.

Explore the interactive guide to discover:

  1. How personalized mobile messaging offers a direct, ROI-positive channel to break through the noise and reach consumers this holiday season and beyond
  2. Real-life use cases from innovative brands, like CB2 and Solstice Sunglasses, who used mobile messaging to convert mobile shoppers during last year’s holiday season (and throughout the rest of the year)
  3. Strategies on how to launch your own mobile messaging channel, best types of messages to send, and use cases to drive 10x+ more revenue than email
  4. Timeline of key dates, including 2019 shipping deadlines for UPS, USPS, and FedEx

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