Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, oh my! Here’s your go-to guide for this spring’s upcoming holidays and how you can reach shoppers & drive more revenue with mobile messaging.

This year, smartphone m-commerce sales will reach $204 billion, making up over 75% of all US m-commerce sales and 34% of US e-commerce sales. This mobile shopping behavior presents a huge opportunity for retail and e-commerce marketers to drive revenue, especially during holidays. This spring, from April to June, there are five major US holidays that shoppers will be celebrating by spending billions of dollars on each: Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Graduation, and Father’s Day.

With so much potential revenue at stake over the next three months, marketers can’t afford to not have a strong mobile strategy that guarantees they’ll reach on-the-go shoppers. Considering 90% of text messages are opened within three minutes—compared to the 19% open rate of emails—mobile messaging is a reliable way to ensure your message is seen immediately, without getting lost in the shuffle of an email inbox.

Here’s how marketers can connect with shoppers through mobile messaging during each holiday this spring:

Easter – Sunday, April 21

8 in 10 US adults plan to celebrate Easter this year, spending an average of $151 per person. Half of those not celebrating (48%) still plan on taking advantage of Easter-related sales, bringing total Easter spending to over $18 billion dollars.

74% of consumers under 35 who plan to celebrate the holiday this year also plan to use their smartphones to help with purchasing decisions—up from 63% in 2015—and 37% plan on making Easter purchases from their smartphone.

Percent of Shoppers Under 35 Using Smartphones to Make Easter Purchases

Whether your shoppers are celebrating Easter or not, don’t put all your marketing eggs in one basket this year! ???? Consider sending a mobile message as part of your Easter promotion strategy. Include a festive image and “eggcellent,” compelling copy to encourage shoppers to make a purchase.

Mother’s Day – Sunday, May 12

Last year’s Mother’s Day spending reached over $23 billion, with a massive 86% of Americans celebrating. 31% of consumers shopped online, while 35% shopped at department stores and 29% shopped at specialty stores. With so many shoppers opting to buy both online and in-store, there are multiple mobile messaging strategies you can implement to reach these omnichannel shoppers.

Give your text messaging subscribers a chance to get ahead of the shopping game by sending a “mobile exclusive” offer to shop before anyone else can. This allows them to buy their Mother’s Day gift early and avoid the stress of last-minute shopping. If your shoppers are caught last-minute shopping, help them get their gift before it’s too late by alerting them of the shipping deadline.

Another effective strategy is to promote an in-store event or sale through mobile messaging. Take it a step further by using geo-targeting to send your offer or event invitation to subscribers located in a specific area. This adds a more personalized approach to your message and increases the likelihood they will shop either online or in-store.

Memorial Day – Monday, May 27

For many, Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, and Americans are ready to travel and barbeque (the two most popular activities for this holiday). 8 in 10 US adults will spend an average of $486 over the weekend. While most of the money spent on Memorial Day will be spent on food ($1.5 billion) and drink ($1 billion), many shoppers are also looking for apparel and electronics.

When it comes to Memorial Day weekend retail shopping, consumers are driven by sales. Over 45% of adults 18 and older are somewhat or very likely to take advantage of retailers’ sales and promotions over the weekend—including nearly 60 percent of 18-to-34-year-olds.

Mobile messaging is key to reaching busy, on-the-go shoppers this Memorial Day. Most shoppers won’t spend their first weekend of summer in front of their computer screens. While consumers are traveling, shopping, or barbequing, they almost always have their phones nearby. Send your message to them where they already are—their text message inbox—rather than letting it get lost in a feed of unread emails. Make your message even more compelling by including a special offer or limited-time deal to take advantage of.

Graduation – Throughout May

Spending on high school and college graduates is expected to reach $5.5 billion this year. “Graduation is a huge milestone for students and parents alike, and retailers are ready to help make it even more memorable,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said.

The biggest spending on grads comes from those ages 35-54, but younger shoppers (ages 18-24) also plan to shop for graduates. While cash may be one of the most popular gifts for this holiday, many consumers will opt for gift cards (33%), apparel (15%), and electronics (10%) this year.

Expected Graduation Gift Spending 2019

It can be hard for shoppers to pick out the perfect present for the special grad in their life, so encourage them to let the grads decide themselves with a gift card to their favorite brand. As gift cards already make up a big percentage of money spent on grads, a text sent to your subscribers can serve as a good reminder that they can purchase one from you.

For a holiday like graduation, it’s not uncommon that one shopper needs to purchase multiple gifts. Offer messaging subscribers an incentive for purchasing a certain dollar amount of gift cards—for example: buy $100 in gift cards, get $25 in gift cards for free.

Father’s Day – Sunday, June 16

After treating mothers in May, it’s time to treat dads in June! In 2018, 77% of Americans said they would celebrate Father’s Day by treating dad to special outings, clothing, gift cards, electronics, and more. Spending for Father’s Day exceeded $15 billion last year, with an average spend of $133 per person. Those between 25 and 34 years old were the biggest spenders.

Similar to Mother’s Day, the majority of those celebrating Father’s Day plan to shop both in stores (39.4%) and online (33.8%). According to the NRF, nearly half of smartphone users will use their device to help make purchasing decisions when buying for fathers, stepfathers, husbands, and sons.

One way to engage Father’s Day shoppers is by sending them a text message with a curated gift list, full of the best gift ideas for dads. Include a link to the gift list to make it even easier for shoppers to complete their Father’s Day purchases.

For more tips and to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the important retail & e-commerce holidays this year, download our full 2019 planning calendar. We created it exclusively for retail & e-commerce marketers and included important shopping dates and mobile marketing strategies for each month.


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